11 October 2007

Totally Exhausted

My battery level is critically low right now. I'm dreadfully tired but I still cant settle myself on the bed. My biological clock tells me it's still not the time to sleep eventhough I really need it.
Hah, this is a very good example when the body system clashes with the brain. They're suppose to be playing their role together, but for this time these organs are not working together, so I'm the victim after all for the "malfunction" of body systems, heh.
Biological speaking, I am.

So what drained away all my life? Things can be tracked back this afternoon, after Bio lecture at 1400. Just after Ms Chong finishes the Bio lecture, students are "escaping" from the lecture hall before Applied Maths lecturer Mr Yap turns out. They say he'll be doing boring tutorial stuffs, so better get going with their own activities.

Today is the last day of school terms before the 4 days Hari Raya holiday. As you can see, many TARC students came from all over Malaysia, so if there's any chance to go back to their hometown, they wouldn't miss it. I pity those who couldn't get their bus ticket back home, because everyone is rushing to balik kampung so obviously one will not likely to get the bus ticks at the last minutes.

So back to Mr Yap's lecture. He noticed half of the students are gone, so he doesn't have anymore mood to continue the class. I went for the sports game before he "officially" declare "abandon class", hah.

Today's game is mainly volleyball, though I had spare my own football just in case I'm bored while waiting for classmates. Well, it's sure fun playing volleyball with lots of friends together, although most of us dont really have the basics lol. I only realised how bad I'm playing this compared to the pros, although a little advantage on using heads and kicks lol. Maybe the court is too small for me to execute any ambitious tricks 'eh? After all we're playing in the girl's court, which is lower and narrower according to friends' account.

The whole game drained 2 hours of my life, and I really enjoy it, albeit the consequence of drinkin' me up.

Then again, many thanks to auntie Lilian who picked me as the lucky winner for the domain name, I really appreciate it!! :D
I think I'll get the domain setup done by few days time though. Now I'm still considering what domain name I should put eh?

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