11 October 2007

Need For Speed Most Wanted

Epilogue chase, police head Sgt Cross chasing after the protagonist's BMW M3 GTR.

A great game to play, though it's getting tougher near the end of the game. Currently hunting on Blacklist #4 JV. Milestone challenges are crazier than before! I used to rack up bounty easily, but not for now when the heat level is too high.

I know I shouldn't be "driving" when I'm awfully tired, so that's why I kept busted by the cops in the game. Hmm.... heat level 5 police chasing my crazily on my Corvette C6 "Webster custom" and the pursuit last for 20 mins, the best record I ever had. Heat level 5 isn't something fun to play around though, it's much tougher than level 4. I barely survived in heat level 4, so for me to tagging police cars for 20 mins at the higher possible heat level is real excitement!

The police switches from Pontiac "milk cow" GTO to white Corvette C6 as well, their fastest vehicle for the pursuit so far. I even invited Sgt. Cross involved in the pursuit, though I did not noticed the car actually. He drives a Corvette "Cross-Zebra" C6 as well, so it's a game of Corvette C6s, except that I'm the sole victim without any support while the cops have extra SUVs and choppers to kick in, also not to mention annoying spike strips & road blocks, which is the main reasons why I cannot escape from the cops since heat level 4.

Webster's Corvette C6, the one I'm driving now. Yea I know it's ugly, I havent tweak the designs after I won the car.

The Corvette C6 is the latest addition in the car garage. I have #6 Ming's Lamborghini Galladro, #9 Earl's Evo Lancer VIII, and #10 Baron's Porsche Cayman. Of all these cars I think C6 is the best to drive so far, seconded by Lancer Evo. Gallardo and Cayman are nice as wells, but the handling is a little messy which I cant even tune it with the performance stuffs. Well, no car is perfect isn't it? Even the C6 also have problem in the steering as well. I'll see whether Murcielago will have this kind of problem or not, the elder brother of Gallardo.

I'll try my luck again next time, and I really want to get the way out of the pursuit at least once, to win the milestone bounties....


  1. Most wanted is awesome. I beat the whole game without cheating, and have escaped a level 5 pursuit many times. my strategy is to get all the police cars near a pursuit breaker, then activate it. it should kill all of them. find a hiding spot quick after that. use the speedbreaker to ram through roadblocks, so you don't hit the spike strips.

  2. Most Wanted is definitely an awesome game! I like to start a pursuit by driving into the bus station, staying there for a while to see the chaos, but then I speed out of the bus station and devastate the easily-confusable police cars with Pursuit Breakers and narrow road-mazes. The racing is good too. I just wish I could run away from Cross's orange-and-gray undercover Corvette C6.R which you see in the game's intro movie.

  3. Hi Abhi,

    Hah I just restart the game from zero recently. Hmm... I think my record so far is not as good as I had last time. It's definitely a great game, I like to drive in daylight rather than nighttime. Anyway if this game can merge both day & night, it'll be cool!

  4. well...
    i been plying this game for a while and right now i am #3 on the black list...
    i just defeat ronnie and my next is Toru Sato, but my problem is always the same...
    when im trying to get the millestones carrers i always get busted!
    those spike roadblocks are very hars to evade when i am going at 200 m/h on my viper (actually "jc"s viper) lol.
    well, can anybody tell me how can i get the millestones races easier without get busted?
    thank you!

  5. Hmm.... I ain't using Viper though, didn't get the pinkslip.

    If not mistaken I used Ming's Gallardo & a Porsche 966 to complete the milestones.

    Try get used to running around with the cops without getting busted. I found that the Mercs CLK from one of the Blacklist having the highest acceleration in the game, you might use it to outrun the cops.

  6. well, well ,well...
    its me again!!!
    my dear friends im so happy to tell us that i defeat blacklist #2 toru sato and now i am driving a mercedes McLaren!!!
    i have like 11 cars and i still want that bmw!!!
    i just need 6 or 7 more carrers to race Razor and that bmw will be mine!!!
    well, i hope when us guys see me again i will have 12 cars and the blacklist done!!!
    see us later!

  7. Good to hear that.
    Well, you might be disappointed with the BMW M3 GTR, those Blacklist cars are better than it.
    I personally stick to Gallardo & Porsche 966.

  8. its me again...
    well i finish the carrer mode and yea... that BMW M3 GTR SUCKIES!!!!
    i defeat Razor with the corvette!
    well, i got the 100% and now i dont know what to do...
    i think im gonna start again...
    and here you guys have the list of the cars i got in my game...
    #1 BMW M3 GTR
    #3 VIPER
    #5 RX-8 MAZDA
    #6 PORSCHE 966
    This are the cars i bought and i won!

    if anybody have more cars than me, leave a comment leting me know!!!
    i wanna know people who is that freak like me playing this game!!!

    im waiting!
    Black List Memeber #1

  9. dude, it's so easy to do the higher heat level pursuits. I use either a Gallardo or the Lotus Elise, both are great on speed, and the Elise is really tight on handling and very compact, easy to get through those tight spots [especially if your car doens't quite make it all the way through the roadblock]. also, if you want to get a lot of shit out of the way, in the final chase where you have heat level 6, get out onto the highway surrounding Rosewood and just do laps around it. you automatically start off with 350K in bounty and it's really easy to rack up the cost to state because of the better cars the cops have. as long as you pay attention, you can place number 1 in half of the categories in your Rap sheet, for single pursuit and lifetime. i got number 1 in single pursuit for cops involved, bounty, cost to state, the amount of time for the pursuit, amount of choppers, roadblocks, and infractions. it's real good strategy. idk what it unlocks, but it's fun as hell.

  10. Hello bro...

    Finished this game quite some time already. The final mission isn't that hard as I thought.

    Gallardo probably the best in the game, I didn't tried Lotus Elise though.

    Heat 6 is nothing compare to the crazy Heat 7 in the challenge series, but that's also easy to finish off when you drive around the stadium, 2 pointbreakers and 1 hiding site, sweet.

  11. ya its the Blacklist member #1 and king of carbon also the most wanted and the BMW M3 GTR dus not suk it the best car ever! Anonymous i do have more cars than u and see if you can beat the bounty 17,000,000 ya. i got the black edishion too. OUT

  12. well hello i just play need for speed i no i kinda late it so awesome o and i have 17,256,895 so ya if you can beat that then let me see what you got