13 October 2007

Torrential Rain

These few days KL is experiencing extreme weather. When it's sunny day, it's really hot; when it's rainy day, be prepared for any sorts of flood alert. It is that bad.

Yesterday went KLIA to fetch CLH, while on the way back downpour accompany us all the way along the Cheras-Seremban highway. The opposite traffic seems to be packed with lots of cars heading back to the south. Cant blame them, it's Raya eve and yet the weather doesn't favour them. Inside the car, I hardly can see what's in front of the windscreen even if the wiper switched to the max. Well luckily after that the rain stop when we're closing in The Mines. Apparently a few places are affected by the terrible weather but other areas are just as dry as usual sunny days. Weird weather we've here.

Today's weather is as crazy as "usual". Early on it's still shiny blue sky but awhile later it turn out to be cumulonimbus clouds that started to pour the water down to Earth.

Sis CLH asked me fetch her back from her friends' gathering today at Jln Genting Klang, in the mid of the terrible storm. From my experience, I knew that storms at this rate will cause that road to flood.

The cars are driving slower than usual of course, because at this magnitude of rain the visibility is very low. The wiper looks useless in this case. When the car go through lower grounds water would splash up. Blame it on the bad sewage system in KL huh....
Somehow my car was splashed by a mass amount of water, causing me to 'loss visual contact with the outer world' (actually it's just that I cant see anything for few seconds, which can be very dangerous as I dunno what's in front of me. If I break my car then the car from behind might bump into my car butt).

My car is not a 4WD, and it is an old car with technical problems so I'm worried whether I can make it through this terrible road condition. Thankfully I reached CLH there without any much problems, to my relief.

I think this is the worst driving experience I had so far.... I'm grateful I did not involved in any sort of trouble or so, I'm still a beginner so I'll try to avoid it at any cost.

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