11 October 2007

Again from College

A Level students from Jan intake are having their AS exams now, and this week they're having science practicals, so we A Level May intake students' science practicals are cancelled for this week, or maybe next week too. That is why I've so much of free time to blog here, instead of staying inside the chemistry lab having fun mixing chemicals~ :)

The lessons are getting more and more interesting these days, with the lecturers entertaining students as a part of the teaching progress. Now I felt that the lecturers are becoming jokers instead of tutors. But of course, out of the pranks or so we did learn something out of it.
I hereby stress out that the quality of lecturers in TARC is as good as those in richie's college, say Taylors or HELP etc. I really love this place! :D

Now I'd like to mention bout my General Paper lecturer, Ms Marilyn. Man, she is the trigger of laughter! Anything came out from her mouth can make you laugh for the rest of the class. Well, it's hard to really describe how great she is, but if you've the chance to attend her class you'll know what I mean.
A very intelligent lady she is, very bombastic and yet very informative as well.
These days in her class we usually discuss bout general topics instead of going with the official syllabus, as she said in A Level GP exam many ideas came from general knowledges instead of what we learn according to the rules.
We discussed bout stuffs we usually refrain to speak about, a taboo for the society, something like abortion, pre-maritial sex, etc. Those high-sensitive stuffs, she took it as a matter of fact and discuss it all the way. I guess we students aren't well-prepared to be asked for questions like that, so we cant really cooperate with her style so a little responces are voiced out in the classes.

She gave us an essay today, but she then asked us to pause to discuss bout the issue we're writing on. The topic for the essay? "Define stupidity!" We thought this topic is crazy enough, but she told us she let the other class did a crazier topic, that is: "define the colour blue to a blind person." She really is an unusual lecturer with lots weird ideas, well we really enjoy her class! :)
Nowdays I really looking forward for Thursday and Friday's classes because there's GP periods!!

OK now I think I should stop here, writing this post took bout 40 mins to finish off(now's 1255), I still have Bio lecture on 1300 so better get going now. Anyway after the last lecture at 1500 going to have some fun with classmates playing volleyball. :D

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