09 October 2007

Release date for Adidas Predator Power

Rumour says that the 2008 Adidas Predator Power will be launched on 15th of Nov, but I cant confirm on this news.

Anyway I still waiting for the pics for the default colourway, the black/red/white combination.
No idea what am I talking about? Some pics for your reference then.

2002 Predator Mania

2004 Predator Pulse

2006 Predator Absolute


  1. Found a site called www.predatorpowerswerve.co.uk and they say the release date is 3rd December but no pics until 13th nov.

  2. Eurosport says they will be released november 12th.

  3. OUT NOW! Check this site: http://www.adidas.com/campaigns/footballss09/content/?adidas_cc=au#/home

  4. These are the 3 styles: Predator powerswerve control, Predator powereswereve power, Predator powerswerve swerve.