08 October 2007

Preparing Grandfather's birthday presentation

I'm absent from Blogger's world recently to rush for that reason above.

Well, my grandfather's gonna celebrate his 80th birthday next Saturday(2o Oct), so I'm gonna get things done real soon.

Need to sort out lots of photos from the early 50s 'til recent pics. Luckily the presentation will last for 5-7 mins(as I previously thought it'll be more than 10 mins), so the video should be just nice like my previous masterpieces.

I dunno whether I'm allowed to post the vid up here once I'm done with it, due to privacy of my family members. I wouldn't wanna upsets anyone for putting that up, but as the creator for the video I think I've the rights to decide whether to put it up or not.

Maybe my sisters can give me a hand when they get back? They should be back here by this weekend.

Talk about my sisters, my father planned a series of lunch and dinner appointments while sisters back here for bout 10 days. He'd promised to bring us for a big feast, so this is the chance to fulfill his promise hahah.

I might get things updated again when there's something new.
'til then.

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