06 October 2007

Sporting Me

I dunno how and where should I start, but something for sure is that I'm exhausted for playing sports games almost non-stop since yesterday afternoon 'til today noon.

Yesterday finally can had a Friday game of football after so many replacement classes that used up the Friday 1pm time slot weeks ago. It's been awhile since we classmates last play futsal, so everyone is pretty much looking forward for the game.

Although it's a 4vs3 handicap match(I'm in the 4 man team), I didn't perform well in the game. I just realised that my shoe's grip didn't work well playing on the tennis turf(the futsal court is a rip-off from the original tennis court). I cant control the ball and kick it nicely because too much grip on the shoe make it difficult to position my foot to kick the ball. Anyhow I still manage to score through a volley, heh.
Unfortunately, the intense heat forced us to stop the game around 1.30pm.

So what's next? Some classmates are planning to play volleyball and I decided to join them too. Hah now i've picked up a new sports. I began to like volleyball because of it's flexible rules, allowing players to use any part of the body to hit the ball(well most people prefer use hand), so I can play a fool around using my head or my foot to hit the ball, some silly moves that could caught the opposition off-guard. Still, I'm still a beginner so I cant say myself pro in this game yet.
I wanna find a day when many classmates can play together, so I can improve my game as well.

Playing 2 sports under intense heat is craze enough, draining all my energy out. I thought today I can get more sleep but I got my friend's message telling me old school's sports club activity is on.

So this morning I went back to the school with Theng Tsing to join old friends for some sports games. At first only a few of them turn up, but actually many of them are involved in Cadet Police's activities so they only join us play later on.

I played football and badminton today. It's been a very long time since the last time I set foot in the school field for a football game. It feels good to be back playing on the field where I really started my football game.

As for badminton, I'm glad that I still have a little skills playing it, although it's been ages since I last play badminton seriously.

I think the best offer I can get today is to meet with old friends again, play with them again like we used to play last time. Now I'm studying elsewhere so this is the only chance I can play with 'em again. Hah, time passes in a glimpse, once it's gone you will never retrieve it back again. So treasure and appreciate it before you cant do it again. ;)

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