04 October 2007

Freedom for Burma

Free Burma!

We saw it on the news medias recently, brutal bloodshed make Burma/Myanmar. As we understand this is the largest anti-military government protest ever happened in the history of the military gov so far(correct me if I'm wrong).

The first wave of protest lead by the sacred monks, and the military gov did not make any move at the moment as they fear offending the monks will cause outrage within the civilians.
Things went from bad to worse for the military gov as the protest continues and become a large scale protest.
The military government's patience has reached it's limit, thus deploying armies to oppress the protestants.

Very unfortunate for the Japanese professional reporter, Kenji Nagai who're being gunned down by the anti-protest troop. He is believed to be disguising himself as an ordinary person who caught in the protest in order to take more up close photos of the protest. Well, that's not his day though. Condolence for his family and Japan.

The pic shows Mr Kenji's last moment before he dead, still holding the camera in his hand, fulfilling his profession 'til the end of his life, now that's the true professional!

Besides Mr Kenji's case, it is believed that there's more casualties than the figure reported by the Myanmar gov itself. You know, when things like this happened, the deathtoll usually will be not accurate, and the real figure will be usually higher than reported, that's for sure.
I dunno how many lives had been taken so far, but killing a person is a serious sin, what about killing more than that? Hmm... I wouldn't think about that.

First of all, why do they suddenly came out with such protest? It's quite understandable the country's situation, being barred from democratic freedom, as the junta gov took over the governing authorities by brute force after the democratic party's victory in the historical election years ago. I do not know more in depth details bout this, just roughly voice out my thoughts on what is the main reason that causes all this havoc.

Myanmar is part of the ASEAN country, so what is going on there will affect the other countries in this region as well. Sadly, not many Asean members voice out their objection towards the uncivilised actions by the Burma gov.

I dunno whether this post will help much or not, I just voice out what do I think about all the situation out there. Malaysia is a peaceful country, so I do not really understand the experience of living in fear..... live a life that's being barred from freedom, that's cruel....

This song, is from the OST of "Beyond Rangoon". This movie theme is based on the battle for freedom in Myanmar, of course. I didn't watch the movie, thus cant write more stuffs bout that. Btw it's a dated movie though, a mid-90s movie. Try Google or Wikipedia for it if you're interested.
Do enjoy, Waters of Irrawady....
(click play to listen)

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