28 October 2007

Teenagers from my PoV (Part I)

* PoV = point of view
I'm in late teenage now, so before I can be "promoted" to an adult, I'd like to note down some of my observations on what teenagers nowadays look like. In other words, classified them.

For this Part I, I will write about Chinese teens as what I observed. Since I came from a Chinese background environment, so I can give more accurate description for this category. Shall I start then?

Type #1: Intellect & Co-cu Activist

This type of teenagers spend most of their times either in school or tuition centres. They mainly focus on their studies as well as co-curricular activities, which means organising & participating activities for societies, clubs or unions.

Typical teens in this category doesn't really care too much bout latest fashion trend, though there's a few exceptions.
They wear pretty neat and smart, nothing too flashy or so. Usually wear spectacles(due to reading in low light condition, or too many radiations from TV or monitor screen). They can be seen holding books at times, especially before exam periods.

S2 & S3 monitors
Me and Chuan Boon. Both of us are under this category.

Me & S2 "queens"
Me with Cat, Karen & Irene. Ask any of theirs name to any teachers and the teachers will instantly recognise them. Why? Because they excels in academic & co-cu!

Basically they are quite reputable by teachers and schools, as their participation in co-cu activities usually caught a few teacher's attention. Of course, teachers would spot out those who score well in the exam, and this type #1 teen is been good in scoring good marks.

On the downside, some of them might have a little problem to get along with others. They might have some sort of communication problem with people, but that is just a few of them. Also, they might look down at others, especially those in type #2(which I'll touch on later), whom focus more on social life rather then studies.

I, myself falls under this category so I know this the best. Sometimes I've problems to get along with people who doesn't really bother bout their result at all. I need some time to sort things out with them. I cannot understand why they came to school not for the purpose to study, just to waste time fooling around doing useless things, ignoring teacher's presence in the class.
Once I get to know more bout their personality, I no longer have any problem to deal with them. In fact, I realised that although they're ignorant in terms of studies, but there's something we in type #1 should learn from people like them....

P/S: Nerds, bookworms, whatever way you call 'em, can be considered to be in this category too, except they dont really bother bout co-cu at all. Their life is just for studies, all the way.


Type #2: Social Gangs

They can be referred as ah bengs & ah lians. They see socialising with others more important than studies in school. For this type of people, they usually gang up together, moving along and do things together, thus forming gangs, and we refer them as 'gangsters'.

One of their most distinctive feature is that many teachers have problems to deal with them in the class. This type of students usually are the regulars to be referred to the disciplinary authorities. Teachers think that to have students like this in the class is a kind of distraction, so teachers usually are annoyed with them. Also I'd like to mention that not all teachers look down at them, through out my school life I've seen a few teachers actually care for this kind of students, and also help them to get back on study track. This kind of teachers are getting rarer nowadays, so if you happen to met one, appreciate this opportunity!

Talk about their physical appearances, they usually turns up with latest styles & fancy fashions.
Also to take note, the way girls make themselves up, sometimes I think can freak me out(taste differs from individuals right?). Also, the guys would like to had ear-piercing too(I am close-minded for this). Other than that, I think more than 50% of them dyed their hair.

Examples I can get so far.... Some of them are from my old school while the rest of them, I dunno who they are.

After talk so many bad things bout them (sorry), I'd like to remind readers that they are actually very friendly and nice when you get to know more bout them. During my later life in school, I get to know a bunch of them whom I usually play Friday football with them.
Sometimes when talking with them, I get to know things that I dunno, there's something to be learn from them, really. Some referred them as street-wise kids.

They maybe annoyed teachers, but they like to help teachers out with chores like moving hardwares, collect things and so on. They like to get out from the classroom do something else(than reading) and not get scolded by the teacher. This made them a very good helper.

One important lesson I learn from them is that do not judge a person by the academic results. One must be seen things thoroughly before making any judgment.


Type #3: The Neutrals

In my opinion, this group of people falls in between type #1 and #2. They stands by themselves, sometimes becoming mediator when #1 and #2 having conflicts.

They are a group of students who's been very hardworking to get good results but in the end things doesn't look too good for them. I've know some of these people who're been working very very hard in the class, pay absolute attention when teacher teaching, yet something goes wrong with their methods and the result, *ahem*.

For this group of people, they've my respect and sympathy. It they've any problems dealing with homeworks I'll be glad to help them out. Btw, in F5 the classmate sitting beside me falls under this category. I think it is rude to name the classmate here. By teaching him homeworks, also revise myself at the same time. Sometimes they know more detail than I do, which the situation changed to become they teach me. Hahah, I've no problems with 'em, just that maybe they're the unlucky ones?

F5 Classmates

They dont have any preference over clothing though. They are neutral, so the way they wear differs from the #1 and #2, nothing too flashy.


Type #4: English-speakers

This type of people rarely exist in my school. They hails from well-being family, staying in higher-end residential somewhere near PJ or Bangsar. Some of them understand Mandarin but some of they dont. Sometimes this creates a barrier of communication between English-speakers and Mandarin-speakers.

One thing I noticed bout them is that there's a lot of them believe in Christ. I dont have problems with religion stuffs, just this is also part of my observations.
Uunfortunately, some of them are arrogant & spoiled-brat who likes to show off latest gadgets and fashions when they're outside. I think they are the flashiest of all types I note down.

Well, take off the stereotype spectacles and look at them. Like the #2 type, they're actually very friendly too when you get to know them better. Sometimes having friends like them are good too, but for me I only know a handful of them, so sorry I cannot find anything else to describe them.
This type of people has sometimes also can be type #1 person too.


These all are my observation and thoughts on teenagers by far. I shall continue Part II sometime, maybe tomorrow? I know i still have a few posts yet to be completed, but for this one which I've marked as masterpiece, I wont leave it there just like that.

Coming up topics, teenagers from other races through my PoV.

Part II

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