27 October 2007

Busy yet satisfying day.

Reason #1

Weekend suppose to be sabbath for me, although studying in college but I dont have enough time to rest during weekdays, thanks to the packed time-table I had from 0800 to 1500.

Earlier this week Yin Wan ask me join her Career Guidance Society's(CGS) DISC Assessment Workshop. Thinking that this weekend I still have some time to spare, so I sign up for the workshop. At the same time I signed up the CGS as well....

Today went to college a little later than usual, fortunately there's still parking lot in TBR, good omen. I didn't realise the location for the workshop is so well-hidden behind the sports complex, it took me quite awhile to locate the room as I wanders around the sports complex blocks. I rarely set foot at these blocks so getting lost is a very common problem. There is still lots of places to be explored in TARC. ;)

A little surprise I was the first one to reach there, although it's close to 0900. Nevermind with these details, now let I tell you bout the speaker of the day, Mr Allen See. Didn't heard of him before? I also have no idea bout him 'til today. A very charismatic speaker he is, i think he is good in turning real facts into jokes, convert a dreaded boring topic to be something laughable.

So what do I score for the DISC assessment? My primary traits are Conscientious & Steadiness, which bears the cautious and patient personality in me. On the other side, I scored low for my Dominance & Influence, which means I'm not the candidate of becoming a leader or a public speaker.
Quite true the fact is, I've thought of y own traits and through this workshop it strengthen and proved that I'm this type of person.
Suitable career for me would be writer, educator and researcher, something to do with analytical and mindful trait I bear.

Attending workshops like this will of course, meet new friends. Sorry cant remember everyone's name there, but yea we had a lot of funs there. Some of the games reminds me of Character Building class I had in NS. Although it's been months since then, the memories of NS life still lurks in my mind once awhile.... somehow I just couldnt forget the experience there.

The workshop has been a good one, albeit the long time duration. It ends around 1715.... which means I spent half of my entire day for the workshop.
Anyhow, it's great though, time seems like pass very fast inside there, really.

This reminds me of Einstein's saying, "when you sit beside a pretty girl, every hour seems to pass like every minute; when you sitting beside a fireplace, every minute seems to pass like every hour." Talk about theory of relativity! :D

Now, since I'm part of CGS now, I feel that I ought to contribute my effort for the society as well, not just "hang name" take position and do nothing, like those happening in the old school days. Too bad their upcoming event, the Career Fair, I wont be around to help 'em cause the last exam happens at the very week. After that I'm a freelancer so there's the time I can shine my stuff, heheh.

* More bout DISC Workshop stuff can be referred to this post, and also this one.


Reason #2

Sam called me for a mini-gathering today in NZ Curry House around 1930. Well, suppose to have 4 person but Keat Xiung didnt turn up, left only 3 of us, me, Sam & Lei Mun to talk and talk. Now 3 of us studies in different institutions, so stories are to be shared among us. It is nice to gather together with good old friends talk about things happening around.

We initially ordered a glass of drink, but while we keep on talking we need some liquids to recharge our mouth fluids so extra glasses of drinks pouring in and in! We ended up chatted for 2 and a half hours! Gonna thank Sam for paying my drink and the free ride back home. :)

I'll ask more friends to gather around like this next time, it's very fun! :D


Two simple reasons, yet it makes my life more colourful and lively.
Hah, being young is good.
年轻真好! ;)

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  1. Wow dude, you are really a busy man lately... Nice to hear you passing your time enjoyfully. Ya, nice quote with the "theory of relativity" which I am absolutely agree with!

    All d best...

    Ciaoz. Jacky