30 October 2007

Teenagers from my PoV (Part II)

So previously I've wrote bout Part I, which features my views on Chinese teenagers. Now in this Part II I shall talk about teenagers from other races, as what I observed.

The account will starts from Malay teens.

Type #5: Time-wasters lepak-king.

If you've noticed too, this type of teen likes hang out with friends for leisure, loitering around public places like shopping malls, parks, shoplets with more than 1 friend accompany them.

So what they do at places like that? They do nothing basically. From what I observed, they talk nonsense among themselves, oogle at pass-by girls, practise shuffling(a kind of dance), bearing unapropriate behaviour in the public.

One thing I noticed this type of teens have in common:
  • Wear a cap awkwardly
  • Ornaments & accessories dangling about, say, pendants, rings, etc.
  • Love to show off those branded stuffs they wear like shoes, shirts or pants.
  • Hair colour may differ from it's original colour scheme (read: dyed)
  • Also, like to make weird and funny hairstyles, eg: mohawk, afro, etc.
  • Smokers, regardless of their age (mostly underage).
  • Commonly speaks a variance of Bahasa Melayu (Malay language), which sounds different from the original Bahasa Melayu. It consists of short-forms & dialects from the original BM. The words also being simplified.

  • Personally, I shun this type of people. At times they are known as trouble-makers, so it's better to keep out of sight from them than engaging with each other. Their unpredictable behaviour is a headache for the public. Also, it's been reported a partial of criminal activities are carried out by this group of people, ranging from illegal racing to sexual assault, triggers the public safety alarm.

    I wonder on what mentality they think it is good to spend time doing useless things like that. I see things in a Chinese way, so in my mind I knew that time is something you cant retrieve once it passed, so I'll try to find beneficial things to do when I've free time. But for them, time doesnt seems to be bothering them.

    They goto school just like the #2 in the Part I, doing nothing but socialising. Occasionally they'll have brawl with others just because a very simple & neglectable matter that can be solved by 'negotiation'. Or perhaps, they do this because of egoness & pride. Awek, means chicks seems to be the most important thing they can came into their mind.

    I get to know more about this type of people through out my experience in NS. Well, many of them have this sort of background. Because in NS we all wears uniform, cut the same hairstyle, so it is not easy to distinguish them from the group. They told me stories bout their lives living in that way. Some of them even have criminal records too.

    No matter how bad I trash 'em just now, one thing I'd like to stress out is that, they are still human-beings like us, so it is possible to befriend them. Just like type #2, once you get to know them, they can be very good friends. For them, friends are more important than family, so they'll do whatever they can to help their friends out of trouble. By this means settling things in a soft manner or a bold manner, as long as it can achieve their purpose.


    Type #6: Polite, Friendly and Courteous

    Now this group of people is a big contrast compare to type #5, is almost opposite than type #5.
    They have a lot of good traits in themselves, which makes many people to like them.

    They speak in a very polite manner, respectful to the elders, friendly to their peers. They might have traits from type #1 , but they've been modest most of the time. Like a Malay proverb said, diam-diam ubi. If you might have guessed, they are very hardworking type.

    I noticed that this group have a solid religion ties in them, compare to #5 whom do not even bother the time to do prayers. This type #6 will not miss a single time for prayers.

    This group of people, I see nothing bad bout them. Not that I trying to talk bad bout others, but I think they virtually done nothing bad at all. They're just bunch of nice, polite people, whom are comfortable to befriend with everyone.


    I've finished my accounts on Malay teens, so now is the Indians' turn.

    Type #7: Cheerful and friendly lads

    I'm a ashamed to say that I've a handful of Indian friends. This makes my account for their race a limited view. Anyway, from all those I've knew, they are actually very friendly and cheerful lads, now that's for sure.
    In college I've Indian friends whom I usually play football with. At first we kept distance from each others, but it is easy to break that invisible communication barrier.

    They seems like to joke around among themselves or sometimes throw in a laughter bomb in the lectures, which greatly contribute to ease off the tension of studying.


    [ This is a partially completed post, i still have the conclusion to write. Now writing from college, and it is about time I went for the next lesson! ]

    Writing these 2 posts is just a 2 cents of mine. I've to make it clear that I am not a racist. I did not have the intention to stir up any sort of problems here. I just write out what I've seen and heard from time to time. I know, the truth hurts, and you cannot escape from it.

    I think teenagers nowadays are having a better and comfortable life compared to the pass generations. Some teenagers have no clue how to get things done because all the while someone's there to assist them with task given.

    Life after teenager's life isn't as smooth as it use to be. To prepare for the real world, one must have a very strong mentality to cope with all the pressure and stress while getting used to life after school. I for one, found myself struggling at times after having SPM, and once in awhile I've doubts on my college life.

    No matter what's your type as I mentioned above, #1 to #7, things can be changed as time passes. It is up to the individual to decide whether he or she needs a change in mentality or physically.

    Of course, I'll be glad to hear few words from readers. :)

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