24 October 2007

GP - Family

Supposedly pass up last week, but I only manage to get it done today. :S


Write out critical analysis on the dynamics of a family in the 21st century.

A family may be defined specifically as a group of people affiliated by consanguinity, affinity, and co-residence. Although the concept of consanguinity originally referred to relations by blood, anthropologists argue that the notion of "blood" must be understood metaphorically; some argue that there are many non-Western societies where family is understood through other concepts rather than "blood". According to sociologists and anthropologists, the primary function of the family is to reproduce society, either biologically, socially, or both.

When we talk about a family nowadays, questions and arguments arises on the complications of recent family state. In this modern era, things are getting more complicated and complex, because of multi-factors namely lifestyle, mentality, etcetera, the constituent of a family has been corrupted since then. Issues regarding family are something the public have to tackle on, because family forms the basic unit for a community and society. Any damage done to the family will leave its scar to the society too.

The most common problem regarding family is the high divorce rate. Analysts said that at critical time, the divorce rate is grater than marriage rate. Marriage is not as simple as anyone thought of, even so, couple still chose the path to end the marriage just like that. Of course, there must be something behind for this problem, like people said; wave does not form without breeze. Most frequently reasons used as an excuse for divorce is misunderstood between each other, unfaithfulness by one of the couple(possible both!), less time spending with each other, and so forth. Ironically, couples get together because they do not understand each other; couple breaks up because they understand each other.

So what happened to a family after the couple divorce? Let us do not forget about the kids too. As we all know, divorce is not a joyful event, it is a painful event. Divorce suppose to be the business for the adults, but during the process the kids, being innocent all the while, are being neglected and possible become victim of abuse. During the conflicting times, parents only think of themselves and the kids are left unattended, though there are exceptional cases to be considered, some parents still care for their children even though they have divorced. No matter what is the outcome, the children will have to cope with the mental stress they experience through the divorcing parents. Such mental stress can later lead to psychological illness to the child, thus inhibiting proper mental growth for the individual.

The parents themselves will have to go through a series of distressful experience as well upon divorce. One has to spend some time to get use to it the life without the other partner, although they have officially separated. This may be one of the problems faced by either party if the divorce is a result of unwillingness of one party (the divorce may be a forceful one). Life after divorce is pretty much messes up for many of them, while for some it is a completely new start for their life.

By all means, marriage is the way a family formed, a couple breed and have their offspring, contributing to the human population, creating more educated and capable individuals to continue serve and lead a better community, nation, and the world. By having a harmonious family is an important key to the success of humankind, so please, do not spoil a happy family because of little things that bother you in life by choosing divorce as a way to solve problem. Seek for alternatives, and divorce should not be considered even once, unless the worst has hit.

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