24 October 2007

Friends' Blog

Looking at the blogrolls on the right, I think I should give my friends a lift for promoting their blogs here. Some of them won't bother reading here though, while some faithful ones still come visit my blog often. Anyway, no matter who they are, the exposure should be given equally ain't it?

"The Reflection", by Yin Wan.
I got to know her actually through the blog, although we're in the same school. A well-maintained blog, with nice contents to read of, uses classy but easy to understand languages, a worth reading blog. She's currently busy with activities so blog is in semi-hiatus status.

"iMoney", by Chin Wei.
Very good friend of mine, whom I've tried to persuade him to get into blogging years ago. He do write blog, but it's only a matter of '3 minute heat'. Now he says he's coming back into business, continue to write on the blog he last touched 2 years ago. Hopefully he'll remain consistent in blogging as long as possible. It's fun!

"None", by Toh Wai.
Very talkative classmate, at times I argue with him but mostly he's a very helpful and cheerful guy in school. He's still studying in the old school now, so I somehow get to know a little things bout the old school through his blog. Due to the nature of hectic Form 6 life, he did not blog for over a month. This, I'll have to remind him bout it. I know he's a busy man with studies and societies.

"HappyGoLucky's Blog" by Haw Jiun.
Another good old mate from school, same class with Toh Wai. I dunno what kind of nature for his blog, as he writes quite a variety of topics, just like me, a mess up blog! Hahah.... it's a personal blog after all. I do hope he'll keep writing the blog, as he doesn't update it that frequently. Form 6 suppose to end their exams already isn't it?

"my story" by Theng Tsing.
A very entertaining schoolmate, started to blog not so long ago. Then again, more updates will make readers happy eh? I somewhat understand life in Taylor's aren't easy either.

"~~Elegance Yi Thong~~" by Yi Thong.
Schoolmate since primary. A rather dark and demotivating blog, sorry to say. Why? It's because lots of negative energies circulating in the blog, which can affect the reader's as well. Anyway it's good to see it's updated quite frequently, although the posts are not so "appetizing" sometimes.

"Primer Blog De Los Kidd" by Da Jun.
Senior's blog from UUM. It's a well-maintained blog, very entertaining to read, he has a great sense of humour at times. Forgive me I always forget bout this blog most of the times lol. Sorry lar Da Jun! :P

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