23 October 2007

The Secret

a very 'short' post ahead. :)

"The Secret"
by Rhonda Byrne

I think I've been very lucky enough to have came across this great material, which I think is one of the best thing I've came across in my life, so far. So what's all the fuss bout this book or so? I found this material contains many of the essential ideas and concepts to live a life we think of, easier to say, it's the textbook of the lessons of life.

I first get in touch with this when I was in Australia earlier. Those adults watched the documentary version of "The Secret" in the TV room (separated from living room) while I'm busy playing the computer. Cousin Long did gave me a DVD copy of "The Secret" before I went back to KL, telling me it's a must see. The feedbacks from the adults are good, so when I get back I started to watch it.

First glimpse of the documentary gives me a rough idea on the possibilities of achieving things that I think of. Well, I did not practise what I learn from the documentary, so the knowledge slowly fades away until the morning lesson with Ms Marilyn last week.

She asked us to get books for our test, namely "To Kill a Mocking Bird"(which I find it quite dull at the first ten pages) and "Life of Pi". Looking at us low-morale students, she then adds in the other book, which is "The Secret". She said this is the 2nd Bible for her life, and she strongly recommend us to get it. From that, I only remember on this great stuff I've explored earlier.

Today since I've some time to kill, so instead of playing NFS MW, I spend the time watch the documentary again to refresh myself with the knowledge of life.

The secret is said to be mastered by famous people who got their names written down in the history book, but they never share it to the public until it was been revealed today.

Right now, I'm figuring out methods to really practise it, and see whether it works. Some of the basics of starting things is take out all unwanted thoughts and desires in the mind, keep only those you really want. Keep them, and think of possessing or own them as if it's really dream come true. To make it better, try to visualise it, try to feel it, and appreciate it.
If you do this persistent and consistent, you'll noticed the difference in your life, what you used to thought unreachable is now within your grabs.

So you ask me now, what I'm going to achieve from things I learn from The Secret? I give you the following list. Do read it if you're free lol!

As a student now, the test results is something I really concern about right now. I admit that I did not do really well in the first 2 tests, and the 3rd test is coming up in mid Nov. There's something wrong in my mind when handling things in college than in school, I guess I have yet to adapt the college's learning style after months.
It lies within myself to take action whether I want to improve my understandings for the things I learn. I know what should I do but I'm too lazy to initiate it at last. A very unhealthy mindset for a student, I should get rid of this before it's too late!

Why do I care so much of my results? It is because my admission to the university will depend on the result.

Tertiary education
What lies ahead of my life, most of it will be answered in the university. 'til now I havent decide where should I go, though initially I thought of going to Australia, but it's not final and I can still change my mind too.
Recently an anthropologist friend of my father suggest to me try to go for other courses, as he says that studying anthropology ain't that popular in the market. As I mentioned he himself is involved in this field, so he knows this the best. Who else can you refer to, when you've an anthropologist with Ph.D degree answers your question?
I havent think of any alternatives for now. I might do so during my coming semester holiday (mid Nov til Jan!).
Alas, the route to university life is a few years to go and it's good to plan things earlier!

[to be continued....]

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