11 September 2007

Your favourite sports?

I've setup a new poll for the visitors to vote for. Now this time I'd like to know what kind of sports you're into?

Those who read this blog would know I'm into football/soccer the most. I guess I dont need to elaborate further bout my view for this one. ;)

You know, my secondary school's admins are not very keen on football, they tried to limit students to play football by banning students play it in the activity centre, and also turn the football field into a car park. As for me I've to find alternatives for football at school....

Basketball is the most popular choice for students. I used to play basketball back in the primary school days but for unknown reasons I find it less appealing to me. Basketball usually is my last resort for sports game if there's nothing else I can play.

Another popular sports among students is badminton. This used to be my favourite past time before football dominates within myself. When I'm younger I used to challenge neighbours for badminton games. I dont play this so often in secondary school, so my skills are rusty now.

Table tennis, or ping-pong is my 2nd choice of sports after football. Thanks to my classmates who're members of the table tennis club, I can sneak into the court room to play whenever I want, say during classes or after classes.
I prefer to curl the ball instead of smashing during gameplay, because this trick can confuse the opponent thinking the ball will went to a side but when the ball hits the table it'll bounce to the other direction. :D

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