10 September 2007

World Cup 2006 PC game

The reason why I did not write here as often as I did is because I'm now dedicate most of my time playing this game.

I know, this is not a new game, but I think I had enough of playing 2 years plus of FIFA 2005.
After all, I can remake the history of last year's World Cup, which to me is a disappointment.

I just guided Brazil won the cup start from the qualifying match up til the World Cup final. Nice, I got my favourite Samba boys winning the cup of life, heheh.

Besides, now I can customize those players wear what boots I like. Though the selections lack of few colourways and certain brands(Puma!), it's still nice to be able to do so. Previous series only a few players have their customized boots. I'm a football boots observer so this little details are appealing to me. :)

Next I might plan to play Japan to go for the World Cup? And later I'll either choose Germany or France to go for the finals.

Actually, I got FIFA 2007's game with me now, but I didnt install it because I prefer to keep 1 football game in my computer enough.

Now dealing with Chin Wei for his NFS: Most Wanted, another good game which I really wanna try out for quite some time.

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