11 September 2007

Some cars from FIMS

In the Frankfurt International Motor Show, the German car makers revealed few newcomers to their respective families.

Mercedes Benz F 700 Research Vehicle

I think this car is strange, really is. I thought the earlier Ocean Concept is weird enough, and this just make things weirder. I'm not sure whether this car will be placed on par with S class, or maybe sandwiched in between S class and Maybach? The only good think I can talk about this car is the rims...

Mercedes Benz SLC

A possible replacement for current Mercz SL, classified below the Mercz McLaren SLR. Note that this is just a computer generated graphic, until now the prototypes still undergoing testings.

BMW X6 SAV (Sports Activity Vehicle)

New addition in the BMW's X series line. I think this car should be classified as the elder brother of X3 and X5 series. Possible a contender for SUV class cars like Porsche Cayenne, Audi Q7.

Something new for Italian Lamborghini family.
Lamborghini Reventon

A very, very, very cool car!! Too bad only 20 of these will roll out from Lamborghini's factory. An edgier incarnation of the Murcielago. 'til now only got these graphics available. Only 1 word can describe this car, SEXY!!

Credits: WorldCarFans

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