13 September 2007

The Unusual Day in College

Blogging from college's CIT centre once again. :)

It's unusually dark when I reach the college this morning, everyone sitting outside the classrooms and lecture halls, I wonder why. When I reach there only I realised that there's something wrong with the electricity. It's so dark you know.... although it's early in the morning. Everyone waited outside their respective classrooms or lecture halls, and at 8am the lecturers join us as well. They cant teach if there's no electricity, so the lecturers sit around chit-chat bout the fact that maybe the earthquake causes the college's electricity's failure, hahah.

The lecturers call off the lessons around 8.30am, so we've lots of time to kill as our next lesson is the chemistry practical lesson(which not affected by the electricity) at 11am. My friends decided to take the balls and play, so I drive Johnson back to the hostel to collect the balls.

On the way going back to the college's compound, a metal rod struck the rear left car tyre, making noises and of course, punctured(spell like this?). I called my father and tell him, and then he contact the mechanic from the car workshop to help me check the problem. Too bad I dont have a camera phone, if not I'll show you how the metal rod pierce into the tyre.

It should be an easy job to change the tyre, but the mechanic says the spare tyre doesnt have enough air either, so no choice but to wait for him to get all his stuffs to help me fix the car tyre. Since I still have class later, so he says he'll help me with the tyre once my class is over. I think this shouldn't be too much trouble as changing a car tyre is much, much easier than replace spare parts under the hood. As for the cost, my father will help me settle, thankfully. :D

The car's problem doesn't ruin my mood to enjoy few hours of sports with my friends. Played volleyball today, nice! Hahah playing volleyball with some help of football tricks, heheh.

Around 10am plus the electricity supply back to normal, but because less than half of the class is present in the lecture hall, the lecturer Ms Ngow decide not to continue the lesson. After that we went for the chemistry practical, which is relatively easy as we only need to measure the temperature changes, do some simple calculations and finish off today's work. Most of us finish it less than an hour.

Lunch time, went to our "hot-spot" at TBR. I ordered a hakka mee(big), which is nice. It's not that expensive, and the generous amount serving, definitely worth for it!

Well that's what I'm up to until today. Afther the lunch I head down to this CIT lab to type all this thing, hahah. Later there's still 1 more physic practical, then after that I get my car tyre fixed and go home, nice.... :)

P/S: A new addiction in me, NFS: Most Wanted that is. Although it runs a slow on my com, still it's a nice game!! This is a real computer-killer, as it needs a lot of HDD space(almost 3GB!) and higher RAM capacity(I'm still on 256MB). Oh well....

So I send the car to the workshop to fix the tyre. Luckily everything turns out fine(except for the punctured tyre, which cannot be used anymore). The bill, if not mistaken would be around RM120.

Maybe this would illustrate how the metal rod stuck into the tyre. This is just a simple visualisation.

When I get back house, I check the mailbox and received the Ubuntu CDs I've ordered few weeks ago. Unfortunately 2 of the CDs are mess up because the package is soaked with water(rainy day). I dont think I'll use that 2 CDs because CD suppose not to have contact with water, especially the glossy side. Still, I got 1 remaining CD which is dry....
Blame the weather! Few days ago so hot and it rains at the time it doesnt suppose to rain! Nevermnind then, I still can order the CDs again, hahah.

Just now during Physic practical when I'm calculating some figures, I noticed the table and the stool shakes a little, which I suspect is the effect from the quake tremor.

Sigh, Malaysia soon cannot declare itself as a land without the deadly natural disasters. Now, we've to include ourselves in the list of the countries vulnerable of quake and tsunami attack, although most of the time those cases happened in Indonesia, but being it's neighbour country we could feel the effect as well.
Singapore also included in the list too, as it's sandwiched between M'sia and Indonesia.

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