19 September 2007

Students VS Lecturers

Today so many things happened between the students and the lecturers. Some are entertaining, and some are not so good news...

Let's start with something funny first. Today, Mr Yap the Applied Maths lecturer stuck with a question. Yea, suppose to be a simple question, yet dunno why he lead all of us into very complicating calculations. Some questioned him, who're a holder of Master's degree, couldn't even solve that simple question. Anyhow he soon realised what's wrong with the calculation and finally solve it.
Hah, it is very unusual to have the chance to tease him, since he like to poke some of us during the lessons. Besides, he's very playful at times so no harm making jokes of each others in the class. :)

Mr Low, the Chemistry lecturer also got himself stuck while explaining the factors that affect the equilibrium constant. He's trying the best to explain the concept to us, yet we students still couldn't accept it. We ask him to use some other ways to explain it and he couldn't do that. He said he'll try to find solution for that and show us again during Friday's lecture again.

During Bio lecture, Ms Chong informed us something regarding ourselves and herself. First, she said our time-table will be rescheduled because B(my class) and C class complained bout the GP teacher Mdm Kalaimathy, and the admins decided to replace her with Ms Marilyn, our 1st GP teacher. Because Ms Lyn is only available for morning's class, so we have to rearrange the time-table, as currently our GP classes fall on afternoon. Poor A class students, they've to changed their time as well to fit in our new time-table because all of us are having the same lecture lessons. Depends on how things work out, the faster we'll switch our time next week, or the later by next month.
The good thing is, from now on we'll have a better GP teacher. The bad thing is, more GP homeworks to come(Ms Lyn love to give homeworks minutes before the class ends), and I expect I wont be able to enjoy usual 8am-3pm routine anymore.

Back to Ms Chong herself, she inform us earlier bout her absence for next year's March. Her reason is she's taking maternity leave that time, so she's afraid that will affect our Bio lessons for next year. Hmm.... a little surprise to realised she's actually married, but by her appearance and teaching style she does look like a single lady. We're likely to get a lecturer to replace her next year though, and I hope that'll be Ms How taking her place. Ms How is our Bio practical lecturer for now, and she's as good as Ms Chong too.

Today's last lesson is Mdm Kalaimathy's GP. We had some communication problems with her, and in the end the admin bow to our students' pressure and decided to investigate her. They found there IS some problems with her, so the admin grant our wish to replace the teacher. As I said the replacement teacher will be Ms Lyn, I'm happy bout this.
Mdm Kalaimathy did not turn out for today's class though. Class rep sms to inform us, so I guess we maybe end our lessons with Kalaimathy in that way.

Then again, Ms Chong advised us not to taken for granted this time. She says sometimes we get what we want, but sometimes we'll only make the matter from bad to worse.....

The harmless jokes, and the bitter tension between students and lecturers, can be something uncertain, though.

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