18 September 2007

Before departing PLKN

OK I just found this pic dated back 6th May 2007, the day upon my return from the National Service life in Sabah. I got it from my friend's Friendster photos. Ahahaha, now recall that day reminds me alot of stuffs bout my NS life.

From the pic you can see a balding Cliff standing on the left, next to him is Jerry who're currently doing STPM at TARC too. I sometimes bump into him in the Pre-U block, heh.

The lady in green is Yuki. She's currently doing diploma course in TARC also, but no chance to meet her. I havent meet with all the friends who're studying in TARC yet!
The lady in pink is Shmily who're from Sabah. She's now doing a nursing course in Cheras.

This pic, maybe is something new for those who wanna see how do I look like when I'm in NS.

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