18 September 2007

A Friendly Warning

This might look like a threat, but don't say I didn't give an initial warning OK?

Be nice with me, else I can be manipulative over certain things, which is costly for you/all.

Your uprise or fall, will have to depends on my decision.

There's something in life that I faced but it's only meant to be known to myself and the other party. I hate to keep secret, yet there's something I must've hide it no matter what.

Like I said, I dislike to write anything bad about anyone. Even if I'm critical to a particular party, at the end of the day I hold no grudge against him/her/them.

I do not want this blog to be labeled as another low quality teenager's blog who rants all the time bout their terrible life(which it's very good actually, just that they don't realise how lucky they are 生在福中不知福).

It's a very hard for me to decide whether I should write it here or not. I cannot share this problem with anyone, neither close friends nor family. This is just my own problem, and it's driving my mind wild at this moment.
What I can do is write out what's in my mind here, to release part of the tension from my complicated brain. Yes I said complicated.

I dunno how should I describe myself as upset, disappointed, angered, frustrated or so. I don't think these adjectives speaks out what I feel now. From the way I write you can know it's something negative.

Perhaps this song could somehow describe it?
"Drink Up Me Hearties" by Hans Zimmer, from the OST of Pirates of the Caribbean III.

The truth, it can be annoying, disturbing and suicidal. Well, that's the truth. If not, why so many people out there kept denying the truth?

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