17 September 2007

Nike's new stuff for 2008

Back to football boot's business again. ;)

All right, I've been talking alot bout Adidas' products, so now let me introduce Nike's stuff planned to be released next year spring.

If you're not aware, we'll see Switzerland and Austria hosting the EURO 2008, so football makers would not miss this chance to promote their latest stuffs to be offered to the players and the fans.

I took these screenshots from a PDF file through one of Nike's official sites. I'm pretty sure we'll see these boots running on the field by next year.

* click for larger pic *

Mercurial Vapor IV

Nike redesigned this top range football boots. The Vapor series is one of the highlights of Nike's football range, as this boots are endorsed by skillful player like C Ronaldo. This boot profile is Speed/ Lightweight/ Agility.
I dunno what do you think, but this new boots look odd to me.

Air Legend II

I like the Legend series because it maintains the classic look of a football boots, not flashy and yet performance-wise. There's no particular type of players suit for this boots, as it's very flexible for most positions, from GK to striker. The profile reads Classic / Comfort / Heritage.
This new Legend series still retain most of it's original look, looks more like a facelift than a new generation.

Total90 Laser

This boots just launched this year, yet many players start to go on the field with 'em. This new facelift versions now adds an additional colour to the boots on the "web-ring" upper.
I'm still skeptical bout this unorthodox boots. But, it looks like Nike might replace the successful AirZoomTotal series with this.... maybe.
This boot profile tags Power / Accuracy / Performance.

Pic of the new ball. This ball is very unlikely to be a premium matchball(the balls used by EPL or Spanish La Liga). I judge this by looking at the price tag. The usual matchballs cost about USD 100.

There's something else to be offered in the PDF file. Here's the link to dwnld it. (1.8 MB)

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