20 September 2007

Unusual Thursday Menu

* Post no. 1200! Yay!! :D

Another good day where we're able to finish the Chemistry experiment before the 1 hour mark, means we've more time to spend for our lunch.

Today the gang decided to go Jusco for lunch, which means go for something more expensive than the usual TBR menu. Since Tang Yang dont have the car, so I'll be the driver to Jusco, lol. It's not far away from the college, so I dont mind that.

We ended up in one of the smaller teppanyaki restaurant. I ordered salmon bento set, cost around RM 15, taste not bad and nothing to shout about though. Perhaps is the serving portion, you know, not sufficient to satisfy my big appetite. :D
I want something more, but of course it'll be more costly then.

After lunch we still have 1 hour to kill, we spend some time in the arcade session. It's been ages I went to the arcade and play, so no harm I hang out with some games 'eh? I enjoyed playing the games there, especially the Virtual On mechs battle arcade. Long long time ago I played this on the computer, so I found myself in a familiar situation, where I easily disposed Johnson's mechs(we're playing VS mode).
The games are fun, but I'm running short of money and we've to go back to college for the last lesson of the day, Physics practical.

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