26 September 2007

Chased by the Rain

Another day which I can get home earlier from college. Today the absentee is Ms Ong, the Phyz lecturer. Lucky for me, because today I have 2 extra free hours.
Although there's the last GP lesson handed by Mdm Kalaimathy, I dont think I'll stay in the college til the end to attend her class. Let it be a speechless farewell. I'm not the only one doing this though.

Well, for today's last lesson we having Ms Chong's Bio lecture. Another enjoyable session with her, teaching us bout plant's translocation(very boring stuff, but she manage to get our attention to it by jokes). When her lesson is almost end, the sudden downpour stuns everyone in the lecture hall(since the lecture hall is sound-proof, if we can hear something from the outside means it must be some big bang or so).

I actually wanted to grab my lunch and head home after the Bio lesson(12pm), but since the weather isn't good(plus I lazy to take out my umbrella), so I head to CIT lab to continue reading Naruto comic, online. I spend about 1 hour inside there, thought that the rain might slows down a little.

The rain stopped when I take my car. Chin Ying, my classmate ask whether I'll be staying for the GP class, and I said no. She say she might be the only one to attend her class, as the other classmates left already, hah.
There must be something funny with the rain today, as I was about to get out of my car to buy my lunch, it rains again. This time I didn't prepare my umbrella, so I can only wait at the stall for the rain to stop again.

While I was waiting, I noticed 2 of my classmates, Lei Mun & Yuwei walk pass on the other street back home. Poor thing, 2 person sharing 1 tiny umbrella, they must be really wet when they reach home. I want to offer them a ride back home but I cant do that since I'm stuck and I cant get the car. lol....

I decided to run for my car eventhough it's still raining. I was lucky enough to get there quickly, as the rain rains even heavier when I'm inside the car.

When I reach home, I found myself stuck in the car because the rain is too scary until I cannot open the umbrella properly. I dont wanna stuck in the car for too long, so I decided to get out from there without taking anything other than the food.

I felt that today I'm destined to be soaked by the rain. I tried to avoid it but at the end of the day I'm still wet. Hah

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