26 September 2007

Why Do I Blog?

This is a contest with prizes sponsored by 5xmom (http://chanlilian.net) who runs the Make$ Money$ (http://www.5xmom.com) blog and she is contributing back to the blogging community with the money she earned. She will be giving away monthly prizes if this contest is popular. Please encourage your readers and friends to participate as well.

Auntie Lilian, one of the famous blogging figure of Malaysia decided to hold this contest for fellow bloggers to participate. I'm aiming for the free domain reward, or even the better, 1 year free webhost + domain! For a blogger like me who relied on Blogspot host for years, getting a webhost and domain is a big step forward as a blogger. :)

So here's my entry for the competition...

* It's a little hard to shrink all the contents into 200 words, please dont penalise me if I write more than that lol. Thank you. *


Although there's still a month plus to go towards this blog's 3rd anniversary, I think I should share with you something about my blogging career, as I only talk seriously about it once in awhile.

Ever since I start blogging near the end of 2004, I've noticed my writing skills improved alot. Many factors have contributed to this, and I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Mdm Tan SL, Ms Santhi & Ms Siah SC who've been great teachers in helping me improve my Eng back in the school. Nevertheless, blogging did help alot, as it is through this medium I practise my essay-writing(dont wanna waste papers so... heh). I know there might be a few grammatical errors here and there in the writing, but it's still much better than last time before I started to blog.
Not only I've improved in my writing, I can speak much fluent now.
When I was Form 2, I found out that I've a terrible time in communicating with my teacher who speaks Eng most of the time. I still remember that I couldn't even speak to her properly, making me felt ashamed of myself. Of course there's something to do with my background also, as I'm from a Chinese-educated family(stereotypically, Chinese-Ed students are not good in Eng, though there're some exceptional cases).
Now, I can speak and write without problem. I work on it through the computer, and most of the time I spend it on reading and writing blog. :)

Sometimes I'm surprised by the power of blogging. Creating and maintaining a blog is absolutely free, and yet in return I could earn something from this free stuff! So far I've received a DVD & CD of Yanni(great musician and composer!), and not to mention the Adsense cheque which I got last month. I'm not so fond of money, but I think anyone will be delighted to gain something for the effort they put in! I can slowly earn my pocket money in this way, so that I do not always have to ask for money from my parents.(though I only need to open my mouth when I need to buy something I couldn't afford lol).

Through blogging, I've met many new friends from the blogsphere. There's quite some of them, and getting know people from different environment is appealing to me. To be honest, I'm not good in socialising in real life, but I'm doing quite OK on the Net, I do enjoy chatting on MSN or email. I have friends from the other side of the hemisphere, as well as friends from other continents. Learning things that's happening around them is cool, especially things that I couldn't experience over here, like snowing.
Blogging helps me alot to interact with peoples from different part of the world, so called globalisation eh? Heh.

Of course, the main reason for the existence of this blog, it is my e-Diary(again, save papers, save trees lol). I used to write things 'bout what's happening in the school, and now life in college. This blog works some sort like pensieve in the Harry Potter series. Of course, it's a diary that is meant to be open for the public, so I can only say this is a semi-private diary, hah. Like most teen's blog, it is the place to express my feelings and thoughts too, as there's no good listener around to share the feelings with. At the same time, unlike most teens who love to shout and rant 'bout their lives in the blog(with lots of vulgars and curses), I approach problems in a more respectful & peaceful manner. :P
Reading things that have happened in the past really brings back a lot of memories, especially the life during my secondary school days, which I regard as one of the best in my life so far.

That's all I think I'll share today, maybe something more at some other days 'eh? Anyway should I chosen or not for the competition, shall be decided by Aunt Lilian herself. This is what I think about my blogging career so far, it's now up to the others to judge it. :)


I think this should be labeled as another 'masterpiece' lol. Nice one, and I hope maybe you can give me some comments to? I dont mind if it's harsh or so, just tell me what do you think about my blog. ;)

P/S: Thanks purefaith helping me to fix the grammars. :D


  1. good self-motivation. My blog usually wouldn't go beyong ten entries LOL.

    Your blog still have a lot of improvements to be made. Says, articles are way too LOOONG. Feel pening to read them. Maybe can trim them abit. And the blog quite messy also, I hardly see differences between the entries, ads and music player -.-"".

    Also please consider getting rid of the music player (or atleast turn it off by default), readers prefer over songs playing in their computer. If readers visit your blog with their songs on, guess what happen -.-" ??

    a little (almost) from me.. keep it up bro.

  2. Thanks for the precious comment YF! Appreciate it. :D

    Too long? Yea I think so, sometimes I prefer to write everything in 1 post instead of separate posts, so makes it look messy and long, paiseh.

    I'll try to sort out the stacked-together contents. I do admit it's mess up.

    As for the music part.... I think I'll still prefer to put it as auto-play. It's quite obvious, so the readers can choose to stop it if they wish. I personally think that the music I put here is suitable for the blog, well that's what I think of.

    Thanks again, and I'll try to fix things up soon. :)

  3. Good entry. The music is no doubt suitable, but if you could stop the auto-play, it'll be great. Maybe you like it, but not everyone would like it right? Just my 2 sen.

    Good luck =)

  4. i'm on the opposite camp 'cos

    1. what's wrong with the music? when u go for a cinema show, do u watch & listen to the show or yr mp3/4 player? likewise, u visit another's blog, u listen & read their blog's content.....

    2. long entries denote the intellectual capabilities of the writer to provide contents, u don't read books which r 2/3 pages long, do u?.... imagine harry porters' book being 2/3 pages long, nobody would bother reading them. no, small kids of 3 to 5 yrs old would......