25 September 2007

Naruto Manga

* manga is the term for comic in japanese, in case you dunno. No, it's not the mango in BM lol.

For now the only reason I turn on the Internet is to read this comic. LOL.

I know I'm very outdated to read the comic now, as my friend just gave me the link recently. Hah, real good stuff, I've to admit this is way too cool than Gundam SEED Destiny.

Sorry for me lacking of update this blog for awhile. I've something to write about yesterday's briefing talk by Mr Roy Abraham, a representative of University of Portsmouth. I mention it here so that maybe I can remember write the whole story what happened that day. For now, let me enjoy the manga!! :D

P/S: Just now during break I sneak into CIT lab to continue the manga. I didn't notice I was 10 mins late for Chem tutorial already, well luckily I've finished reading 15th chapter out of 300++ chapters, lol.

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  1. watch the anime lar... i think better than reading comic