04 September 2007

Blogging from college again

This time I'm writing this from the library's computer instead of the CIT's. Well, compare to the CIT lab's com, the library's com is a little dated as it hasn't been updated with the IE 7, still using the unstable and 'filthy" IE 6...

Since this is a college post, so I think I should write something bout what's happening here lately.

This few weeks is the examination weeks. While we Pre-U are having our 2nd test of this semester, the Diplomas are having their semester test. After that they can enjoy their 2 weeks(or 1 week?) semester break.

Now, the Diploma students are given study leaves, making the college much emptier than usual. Since I dont use the front gate that often these days(my block is near the back entrance), so I dunno how quiet it is until I walk across canteen 2 today, the main spot for students. Hmm.... just like what my friend described, it's almost dead lol.

This week lecturers Mr Low and Mr Yap went for course again, so we've few empty periods to enjoy ourselves. Well, we're trying to revise everything that could come out for the test. Wed to Fri we'll have Phyz, Bio and Chem test respectively.
I only touched a few notes and tutorials, well I think it's a bad idea I keep myself occupied in front of the com instead of studying, guilty.

That's all for now. I think I'll reserve some important posts this weekend or later, now focus on the exam. ;)

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