06 September 2007

Possible Proton cars?

In case you dunno, Proton is the national car maker of Malaysia, and has been in the business for at least 20 years.
Just recently Proton launched the new Proton Persona model, which is a redesigned Proton Gen.2.

I've received these pics by mail attachments from a friend. Well, possible these are future Proton models? Let's see...

New Waja coupe.
Proton Waja 2.0 PUTRA GTi

Will you think this is the real deal? If you're sharp enough, you'll noticed the pic is probably photoshopped(edited). Anyway RM 120k for a coupe like this, not too bad.... the car looks aggressive from the pic.

New Wira

A very obvious photoshop work(look at the Proton badge and the Proton sign front of the car).
I think this car is more like a badly touched up pic of a Peugeot and Alfa Romeo car? This must be a joke, I still prefer Wira with Japanese bloodline (current Wira is based on '92 Mitsubishi Lancer).

Proton Satria Cabriolet

Now here's some more realistic pics.
You think this car will hit on the road soon? Well I dont think it'll made available for the public. I think this must be a prototype unit only, it is never meant to be a production car(Malaysian not fancy cabrio), or maybe this is the future plan for export markets?
Even so, from the pics it shows that the car is built from the old Satria's platform, while we have a replacement for the old one now, the Satria Neo. Why they still build cars from the old platform, while now we're having a new and better one?

I have to clarify here, that these cars posted in this post are very unlikely to be produced by Protons, though I'm kinda fancy the Waja GTi.
So, do not ask me for any infos of these cars OK?

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