03 September 2007

Double Maths test 2 result

Hmm.... I should've write about this last week, but due to me slacking off so I could only remember to write it down today, hahah.

The double Maths tests are set few weeks earlier than other subjects because the lecturers will be busy marking for more exam papers if our test is set on the early Sept. At first it cause a lot of troubles to the students, but I'm grateful the lecturers did that so we can have more time to prepare for the other 3 Science tests this coming week.

So how about my result? What I can say is I did better than I expected, hahah.

Maths Pure isn't hard. Out of 7 questions I only bump into 1 question. Overall marks is 44/50. I couldn't be happier than that. :)

Maths Applied, the paper I dreaded. Crap, I only scored 5 marks out of 10 from the Maths assignment. Sigh... I thought I deserve a better marks for the paperworks I've done? I thought computerised work look tidier than handwritten work(I've to admit my writings might be too 'artistic' for some people :P).

How bout the paper? I thought I'll score very low marks for leaving few questions blank, but I scored 18/40. I know it's less than half, but still, I expect myself score somewhere near 10 or lower, so it's a good news for me.

The overall result for the Maths paper is 67/100. Not a high marks, but according to the A Level standard it's a B for me, a big improvement from the previous D.... hahah.

Maths, I like it but this time it's really giving me a lot of troubles.

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