05 August 2007

SPUS Sports Carnival

Tomorrow gonna have an intra-school sports competition for my school division (School of Pre-U Studies). The other schools already finished their intra-school competitions, so we SPUS are the last one.

I'm involved with the football match this time, excited bout it because the opponent team is one of the toughest team around, especially their striker, a state player. As for my side? I've played with all of them before so I think I've got a pretty decent team as well.

My only problem is, who's the goal keeper? There's 1 choice in the team but if I draft that person to be the GK then have to find someone to replace the left wing position. Worse come to worse, I might draft myself to be the GK. I used to play GK but lately I've been playing other roles like midfield, so I'm not sure how will I perform if I really play as GK in the end. I think long shots shouldnt be much problem, but close range shots, hmm....

If I'm playing in the center midfield tomorrow, I wont let the opponents pass that easily. If the timing is perfect, I might slide tackle them, which is fun if it's done correctly. If not, I might suffer from yellow card or red card punishment, heh. Play with risk is fun sometimes, isnt it?

For this match I've prepared my gears, especially the boots. Still playing with my faithful Adidas Predator Absolado boots, heh. Not planning to get a new one as this boots is still as good as new although I've been playing it for the whole year. Since it uses synthetic leather so cleaning it up is easier, and last longer than conventional calf leather. My previous Predator Pulsado was ripped off, now I realised it must be something to do with the leather.
Besides, it always look cool to have a pair of shiny boots into the action, hahah.

This time I just wanna play a good game, and I dont mind what is the result too. If we win, of course I'll be delighted, and if we lose, try harder next time hahah.
The match starts at 5pm tomorrow, so I'll be probably going back home prepare myself and goto college again to play the game. Eherh, I'll write bout it maybe tomorrow if I got time, or few days later? Depends....

Anyhow I still wanna shout about this:


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