06 August 2007

The Glorious Defeat

Yea we are defeated, at least not as bad as I expected. We lost 0-2, well I might be the blame as I'm the GK.
First goal I conceded is a blunder, but the 2nd goal is a beautiful strike by the opponent, straight into the goal without screwing the ball, not an easy way to kick it you know.

As for my team? Again I did not setup the formation before hand, and I only decide who's playing where like half and hour before the game starts.

The opponents are having few state-level players, very good team. Well, I accept the defeat, and wish 'em luck to trash anyone in their path to be the champs. ;)

I might make myself into "exile" for midfield post, maybe concentrate training on GK? Hahah.... we'll see what's going on this weekend then.

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