06 August 2007

Google Adsense Cheque

Google sent me the cheque few days ago but I didnt realised that until today morning. The cheque is being sent in an ordinary white envelope, I thought it was my father's mail but it was not. My mom placed the envelope on my wallet this morning and I was surprise! Haha....

Anyway too bad the MYR to USD rate went down recently. Suppose to be good news for those who're going to USA, but for someone like me earning USD is negative effect. 1 USD used to be 3.6 MYR, but now the rate dropped til 3.4, so I "rugi" bout 0.2? Hahah.... nowdays I'm getting very particular with figures, especially money.

Well, getting the cheque is a good start to earn some extra income. I wonder when I'll get my next Adsense cheque? Anyway I still got bout 50% to go to get my Nuffnang cheque, a local online ads service just like Adsense. Money money money.... haha. :D

1 comment:

  1. yeah! finally the cheque reach..
    don't worry.. all of us already get ready.. when you want to treat us also okie.. haha..
    wanna go to 'tokyo' or six luck le?
    go eat 'government abuse chicken'? haha..