03 August 2007

PC Fair 2007

Luckily today's Bio practical finished in time, thanks to the temporary lecturer Ms How. A good Bio practical I had today. :)

This year went to PC Fair alone, not like last year sisters tag alone. Sometimes I prefer to shop alone, more freedom and no need to bother bout others.

The PC Fair takes place at KL Convention Center, a stone throw away from Suria KLCC. They still use last year's format, the exhibit starts from the top floor hall, firstly greeted by powerful sound blast at the hall featuring audio stuffs like speakers, hi-fi set, headphones etc.

2nd hall, the big computer names like Dell, Toshiba etc setup their flagship booths. Nothing that appealing, as I still cant get my own laptop yet. :\

To the lower floor, where the "real" PC Fair is. Seriously, it looks like a market, except that the stalls are selling some high tech stuffs. It's huge, I think probably bigger than the previous venue at Putra World Trade Center(last time I went there is 2002, where I bought my main com).

So what's my result from the PC Fair? Here is it...

  • PS2 to USB connector (connects PS2 socket keyboard and mouse to a USB slot). RM 15.
  • Canon BCI 24 twin-black and colour ink. RM 78.
  • 2 Canon Photo Paper Glossy. RM 19.
  • Kingston SD card 1GB. RM 53.
  • GP Rechargable Battery AAA x2, with USB charger. RM 27.
  • Fujifilm DVD-R 25 pcs. RM 26.

    Total spent about RM200++. I plan to fork out some money to get a 2GB USB drive but thinking since I've a 1GB, so I better stick with the old one for the time being.

    I hope the supplies I bought today can last til next year's PC Fair, hahah. ;)
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    1. 1 GB already enough to use.. is it? need to store so many thing for what? haha.. but .. after you buy your second dump-drive.. with > 1 GB.. then just present me your 1GB dump- drive ba..

      wa.. you really so good.. no see wrong you.. haha..>< joke..

      RM200++.. so rich..>< if i am you, i sure will so sad.. because it is consider as I ate many sets of the McDonald..><