02 August 2007

What I'm Up To, recently....

This is not a suitable computer to write stuffs, making me no "appetite" to blog so please forgive me if this blog is not updated that often. (^__^")

Monday our class ends earlier at 12pm because scholarship folders have to attend a cert-giving ceremony in the college hall, attended by Dato Seri Ong Kah Ting(president of MCA, but eventually his representative turn out for him). I'm not a scholar so I can enjoy the early break that day. It's quite interesting to see all those scholar friends suddenly wear formal dress code to the class, like fashion show lol.

I planned to use that free time to train football awhile, but most of the teammates are attending the scholarship stuff so in the end I trained with another 2 members. We can only train at the futsal field though, limiting us to train some ball control skills.
I'm a long-shot player, so futsal is not really my type of game. :\

Our Bio lecturer, Ms Chong has been absent for few days due to sickness. So basically we earn another few hours of extra break times. Today I thought she's still absent so I went to CIT lab. Just when I sat by butt on the computer chair, my friend called saying that teacher is back so I've to rush back to the lecture hall to attend the class, ahah....

Today got another 2 hours break, thanks to the easy chemistry experiment so we can leave earlier. Chen Ping(name sounds like Chin Peng, former head of Communist Party in Malaysia, a controversial person) suggested McD at Melati, not so far from college. Thanks to Kai Shang who drove us there, haha. I ordered a fillet o' fish, and only realised that being conned by McD.
First, the burger suppose to have a whole slice of cheese, but they only put half of the piece in the burger.
Second, the gov tax suppose to be 5%, which I calculated to be 37 cent, but in the bill it states 40 cent, crap. Only a mere difference of 3 cent, but you know McD is making profit of many people, not just me only!! Hmm.... I will reconsider whether wanna dine at McD again next time.

Some friends informed me that the next week's football competition, we'll be playing the first match facing the toughest team so far, having good quality players and even a state player!! A little surprise but I believe it will be an excited match! ;)

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