12 August 2007

Back to Chong Hwa

While drafting this post, the temporary substitute laptop went down. This time I suspect is something to do with the hardware. There's lots of computer problems that I dunno how to solve it, and this is one of 'em. Now writing this on the other substitute computer, an XP running on Celeron processor (inferior to Pentium series processor). Sigh... dunno when I can get my main com fixed!! :(

Yeah today finally can go back to the old school visit some friends! :D

The plan is almost canceled as one of my "spy" Kah Shih inform me that their teacher is coming back so no free period for me to sneak in. T_T
Luckily I msg ask another friend, Vinc, so happened that his class is having free period at the same time, so I still got a place to sneak in.

Today is a replacement class for a future holiday, so as usual many of them are absent(being a habit for us lol). In the end only about 20 of them turn out for Science classmates, and a few of them from Art class(Business class to be exact).

Lower6 Bio class is placed at a hidden corner of the school compound, virtually cannot be seen from outside, but it's a very spacious classroom and basically is their second home, as they're the only class uses the room, not sharing it with any other class. Quite a number of my S3 mates are in this class.

Lower6 Phyz classroom, located at the Music room. Now dunno where's Ms Hoh the music teacher went, the piano is still there and there's still posters of her performance in there. Lucky for Phyz classmates they now got a computer and projector in their room, nice. I tried show my video on the projector, looks quite good hahah. Just too bad not everyone's in the room so only a few of them can watch the video.

I dont have the chance to goto Lower6 Arts' classrom, but I know it's situated at the Form 6 block, now used by Upper 6 students(my seniors).

Talk about my schoolmates, I've noticed there's a few new faces around. Some students from other school have to transfer to our school to study Form6 because their school doesnt have STPM class so they've to study other places or other courses. I havent meet with all of them yet, as I said many of them are missing in action today, lol.

I've also noticed an interesting newcomer, a Costa Rican girl named Laura. She's coming here to study on a student exchange program. During '05 to '06 period we had a German girl Nina came to our school, the first foreign student in the history of Chong Hwa lol.
Well, I hope those newcomers, especially Laura can adapt well in the school life. I am very sure that my friends in F6 are willing to help her out. :)

Also one thing I noticed bout my schoolmates, is that nowdays they're very active in co-curricular activities. They say wanna gain extra marks for the overall result or so, what CGPA stuffs. Whatever it is, it doesnt related to me at all. I've notice now many of them now join multiple societies and clubs. Some clubs or societies now got extra F6 members, are Students Union, Police Cadet, Science Club and Prefects Board? Before this I dont see so many F6 involved in those clubs or societies. Things in the old school sure change alot when I'm not around, hmm....

Today some of them stay back to practise performance for the 6 Formers' Club farewell party. Lower 6s "sent off" Upper 6s, heh. Their presentation looks weird and funny, involving lots of screaming parts. Bare in mind that those screamers are notorious sopranos in the school, few of them combine their screams together will result noise pollution. This is only a part of the whole soprano groups, as many of them went study elsewhere already, so the "firepower" decrease, luckily hahah.

After their practise I went back with them. On the way fetching back few mates, namely 3T(who tags along with me back to school), Weng Joew, Kah Eng and Meng Yan. A little
nervous to have so many passengers, I'm still a newbie driver so have to concentrate hard. It's quite a challenge though as they keep on telling jokes around. Hah....

Anyway back to school there must be something to do with the teachers. This time I didnt sneak into the teachers' office, only met 1 or 2 of them.
First saw Ms Chong, my Moral teacher(hate the subject, but she's still OK though) for last year.
Then Mdm Premmah, my Bio teacher for 2 years hahaha, still recognise me hahaha.
Mdm Lee
, my Computer lesson teacher from F1 to F2.
Mdm Yeak, my Chinese and Moral teacher, still greet my warmly though hairstyle keeps on changing haha.
There's a few of them I only seen them but didnt talk to them.
Mdm Sik
, +Maths teacher just pass by the office door but I couldnt call her as I forgot her name at that time lol.
Mdm Chek, busying in the office. I heard she'd just promoted to be the school admin, replacing Mdm Ong. Congratz to her, it is a tough job though. Too bad for the students now couldnt enjoy her storytelling in the class, hah.

Quite a satisfying trip back to the old school, however I will still go back there again, sometime....

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