10 August 2007

My updates

So fast next week I'll be having double Maths test, Pure Maths and Applied Maths. Luckily next week 2 lecturers will be away so can sneak more time to revise abit. I think Pure Maths still OK, but Applied Maths is the killer. 'til now I'm still confused with the probabilities.... which formula to apply on which situation. Sigh....

Today played another game of futsal at college after lessons. Not a bad game, playing with few classmates. The weather is too good today, blazing sun above the skies.... and we're playing under the sun without shade. Crazy that is.

Hmm.... I'm planning tomorrow go back to old school Chong Hwa, visit some friends, yea. I havent went back to the school since I took the SPM result on March. Things must have change alot from March til now, because now many of my friends are taking Form 6 in the school. I dare to say I almost know everyone studying in Lower 6 classes there, heh.

This weekend parents will be going out again, so I'll be home alone. Haha I'm get used to it, being alone all the time.

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