12 August 2007

Slide Tackle Pro

Today had a great football game. It doesnt started very well at first, for me being the GK once again, but conceded 4 goals in a row without saving any shots at all, out of frustration I decided to switch back to be the midfielder. It turn out to be quite good, I'm able to hold back the opponents and assist in attacking though. Although today I did not score any goal for the first half, I'm still satisfied as I'm able to successfully tackle the others, which I enjoy doing it although it hurts sometimes.

Second half, some malay guys turn up on the field. According to Hwaai Shian, they're friendly and wanna play a match with us. At first I'm reluctant to play with them, but since we promised to play, so there's nothing can be done.
The game goal changed into a 1m X 1m goal made out of PVC pipes, much much smaller than ordinary goalpost, thus making the game more challenging.

All of us chinese play very well. Although the opposition is adults but our level is on par with them. I'm a happy guy, new targets for me to try out slide tackle.
I think today I really went crazy sliding around. Anyhow I still have to be careful as slide tackle can possible cause damage to the other player.
I do lucky enough to sneak in a goal from a distance away from the goal. Like I said this goal is small, making long-range effort hard to score but I'm very fortunate to able to score the goal hahah. My team's 2 other goals contributed by Keng Hoe aka monkey, heh.

In oder for me to enjoy the game, sacrifice is needed. Slide tackles causes minor scratches on my knee, not a big deal. The real damage done to my left foot today is when I'm clearing a shot from Wai Keong while he practise shooting. My left foot blocked the ball awkwardly, causing the foot swells until now. It is not that pain at the beginning, but the real injury only reveals itself after the game.

I dunno how bad the injury is, possible last for few days before recovery. I think this might be one of the serious injuries I had since I started playing football. Of course the injury isnt "high profile injuries" suffered by pro players, but for my own health concern this is not a good news.

It's kinda impossible to rest my foot because in college I've to walk a lot, switching from lecture halls to tutorial classrooms.

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