30 August 2007

Adidas Predator Power 2008 photos

Found these nice closeup pics of the new Predator series from BootNR.

I've mentioned this boots before on previous posts, now finally got better pics of 'em. I just hope Flickr dont delete it like last time they did. :S

Very typical top view of the boots. Now this is the gray colourway. No traces of synthetic leather in this pair(this is the K-leather if not mistaken), though I heard Adidas has few variations for this new boots. No further technical details bout it yet.
DSC09478_a (Large)
DSC09479_a (Large)

The upgraded PowerPulse element. Note that it is aligned slightly to one side, as the previous version is aligned to the centre.
For those who dunno, PowerPulse is the redesigned sole for Predator boots to distribute the boot's weight towards the front part, so that the player can strike the ball with more power, something like that.
DSC09482_a (Large)
DSC09480_a (Large)

Side profiles of the boots.
DSC09487_a (Large)
DSC09486_a (Large)
DSC09488_a (Large)

Pretty interesting there, I expect Adidas will launch the boots maybe year end or early next year? More details will leak around the net when the release is coming close, heh.
Anymore updates bout this boots I'll post it up here. ;)


  1. If this is what is to come then these are the ugliest preds. yet.
    What happened to simple color ranges. How did you get these pics? You must be an insider, please let them know this,please, coz I might end up buying the ugly boots.

  2. have to admit mate, color...yuk

  3. Chill guys lol. I'm neutral whether it's beautiful or ugly.

    I'm not an insider, these pics are found on BootNR forum.

    Dont judge this product by the initial pics, maybe this is a prototype? Just my wild guess.
    Wait and see the official release of these boots, which I guess will be late '07 or early '08.