26 August 2007

The end of August

So fast, my 1 week holiday is coming to it's end at last. This holiday is quite fun for me, though computer problems marred the holiday pleasure.

Let's recap what I've been doing in the past week.
  • 1st weekend, went Penang to climb Bkt Bendera. Stayed for 1 night.
  • Fixed my main com, replaced the graphic card.
  • Went to 3T's house for gathering party, great party that is! Everyone really enjoy it!
    Some photos...
    Chin Wei and meFootball gang + extraGroup photo
    more pics here

    Of course, like anyone else I'm reluctant to go back to college after spending the holiday. Anyway it isnt so hard after all, because this week we only study for 4 days and then we'll have another holiday(on Friday), celebrating our 50th national day that is.
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