31 August 2007

50th Merdeka Day

Crap, last night I slept too early and today I wake up too late, I've missed the fireworks and the parade show! :(

Luckily it's still not too late to celebrate the National Day here on my blog, heheh.
31st of August can be remembered for 2 events, one is Malaysia's National Day and the second is Princess Diana's death in Paris. One is joyous event and another is a sadden event, clash together.

In the Malaysian blogsphere many bloggers wrote what they think about this nation's 50th birthday. All of us love the country, no doubt, despite having some problems with something to do with the gov.

For me, I really appreciate I was born in this country, far better than the other countries around the world. Seriously, I've been to many other cities before, and I think none of them can match our Kuala Lumpur! I think the closest match maybe Taipei city, though.

I do not deny there's some old rivalries between the races, but then again we still can live with each others peacefully. Yes there's been verbal abuses, but thankfully there isn't bloodshed event since the May 13 incident.

So what makes this country so good? There are many reasons to answer this question but I need some time to list out and elaborate bout it. It's a big deal you know, hahah.

  • Weather
    Here in Malaysia, there's no 4 seasons but there is 2 seasons. You guessed, it's either sunny day or rainy day. :)
    If your Geography knowledge is good, you'll know Malaysia is a tropical country located just a little north from the equator. We have a completely blue and sometimes cloudy skyline, which is great! Some cities in this world can only see brownish or grayish skyline all the year round, pity pity....

  • Food
    We cant survive without food, and bless us this country is the haven for food lovers! Local food and international food blend in well here in Malaysia, creating lots of creative and delicious dishes for us to enjoy the pleasure of eating good food. Maybe I sounds a little weird here, but nevertheless you wont be disappointed with the food when you come here!

  • Culture
    Now this is something truly unique for Malaysia. Yes we're proud to label ourselves as a multi-racial country, but do not forget we aren't the only country to have a society build up from different races, I take the example of Singapore and France.
    What's unique about the Malaysian culture, is that the culture born from the assimilation of the essence of the races' cultures. Although part of the cultures are assimilated, yet each races still maintain their traditional cultures very well. This can be proven by the festivals celebrated by the races, namely Hari Raya, Chinese New Year and Deepavali.

  • I think this should be enough as a tribute for my own country. Though it's not perfect, but there's something special about it, somewhat an attraction to lure people from around to the world come here. Those Malaysians who're abroad will somehow miss Malaysia dearly, hahah.

    I dont think I can live it to see the 100th anniversary, well if I cant make it, at least the future generation will. ;)


    1. You're right to say it's 50th Merdeka Day.

      On Aug. 31, 1957 it was actually Malaya that became independent.
      Malaysia was not created until September 1963, when the Malaya states were joined by Singapore (briefly) and the British-ruled territories in Borneo, Sabah and Sarawak.

      That's why people in Sabah & Sarawak weren't quite as happy with this year's celebrations....

      If you've watched the telecast, you would have noticed flags of the BN being flown together with the Malaysian flag ???? Only people associated with BN is entitled for this celebrations ???? Always have thought that Hari Merdeka was for all Malaysian......

      Read what Marina Mahathir has to say at http://www.rantingsbymm.blogspot.com/

    2. I can dig what Jolene says at
      - Happy Merdeka From The Somewhat Selfish Malaysian

      Can you relate to it?