29 July 2007

Dream of Cars (part 1)

I know I just got my license, so it's too early for me to think of actually owning a car. Currently driving a 14 years old car, Proton Wira 1.6, which I find is quite comfortable to drive. Parents had think about replacing this Wira but I think this is unlikely to happen so soon, perhaps few years to go?

Anyway, I've considered what car is down to earth for me to own, and what car is basically impossible for me to own.

In this first part I'll write about something more practical, something more affordable. So here it goes:

1. Proton Satria Neo

A whole new Proton cars that was launched last year. I'm pretty impressed with the car's design and the quality, regarded by some parties as one of the best Proton cars ever made. Price ranging from RM 43k to RM 55k, perhaps a little too much for a hatchback? I've seen some of them on the road and I like it. Moreover, this blog's new title shares the same name, NEO. :)
(more info)

2. Perodua Myvi

Malaysian's favourite car, Myvi is the best selling car in year 2006. My neighbours own this car and my friend's mum got this car as well, at the same time I like this car too, hah. Price ranged around RM 45.3k to RM 51.3k.
(more info)

3. Toyota Vios/ Honda City / Toyota Corolla Altis/ Honda Civic

Japan cars are known for their quality built, good cars they made, even surpassing European and US car makers. Toyota or Honda, give me anyone of them and I'm a happy lad. :D
These cars are common in Malaysia, but it's costly for a starter car. These cars cost from RM 90k to RM 130k, depends on the model.
Because of the government's import tax stuffs, these good cars cost more than the local counterparts(eg: Proton Waja).

Well, that's enough for the "practical" cars, I might write the part 2 tomorrow, or sometime else. :)

Most of the car infos are taken from PaulTan.org.

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