29 July 2007

Bad Timing

Dunno what is going wrong with my life recently. I do not always complain, well this time maybe I just need a place to express out what I feel, some sort of ranting bout things that occurs during bad timing, I think.

First, is the damned computer problem. Now I know it's something wrong with the graphic display component. When I boot up something that requires graphic displays, say game(FIFA '05) or program(Google earth) the com will auto-restart. Still not affecting my online routine, but not able to play games is definitely costing the pleasure of "utilizing" the computer.

Second, a relative of mine borrowed my car for few days as his car broke down. He's rushing for some projects now so desperately need a transport. I'm of course not happy bout it, I planned to drive to college but couldn't do so tomorrow. I'll be expecting the car to be returned by Wednesday, when he's finished with the project.

I know it's stupid of me to get upset with this, well people need it for noble reason, what can I do? It will be a very rude of me to turn down people's request. Just.... why choose to borrow the car this time? Before this I still couldn't drive and I've no problems to let anyone borrow the car, bad bad timing, when I finally can drive then suddenly someone need the car, bad luck really.

I hope my luck will turn from bad to good this week, I will not be please if something gone out of my control and beyond my expectations, something that shouldn't be happening, all these sudden shocks, I don't want it happening!!

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