28 July 2007

Faulty Hardware issue

I dunno where should I start bout this post, but things just happened last night and today the matter is getting worse.

Yesterday night I was playing MapleSEA for quite some time, then late night I had a game of FIFA '05, which the screen is mess up a little by that time. First of all I thought it is not a big deal, so proceeded to continue the game til late night. The problem still persist but it doesnt bug me that much so I ignore it, feeling that things might be solved on the next day.

So this morning wanna play Maple again, but was "greeted" by screens below:

Faulty hardware render
Faulty hardware render

Not only Maple is affected, my FIFA '05 also acting up the same too. Fortunately this problem doesnt affect normal computer usage like online, chat, surfing net. If not I wont be able to write this entry now.

I thought the Dell LCD monitor is acting up again so I switched the old Samsung CRT monitor(tedious task), which I still kept until now. I thought problem will be resolved but the screen still showing same answer.

Now then I know it's not the monitor's fault, so it must be something to do with the components inside the CPU. Checked, cant see any prob there. RAM is still intact(RAM had been the issue for previous com problems), dunno what's wrong with it.

Since I've no idea what is going wrong with the computer's graphic, I only can figure out trying to solve it by updating the graphic driver. Hopefully, this can resolve the problem, once in for all. (>___<)

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