11 May 2007

A Walk to the Downtown

It's been quite sometime I didnt hanging out by myself, after coming back from NS I dont really have the chacne to do things by myself as I've to work. Luckily yesterday the boss allow me to pause my work for sometime til the end of this month, so I can have few days break before bracing into the college life.

First stop for today is Petaling Street. Planned to buy a Man Utd blue jersey but unfortunately it's proven to be unpopular among patrons. This is the jersey I'm hunting....

Anyhow in the end I bought a black/gold Man Utd jersey. Didnt saw this jersey worn by any player before and it looks just nice to replace the other black jersey I got. Credited RM20.

Bought another DVD movie, Mr Bean's Holiday. Crap, I think I wasted RM8 for the show I highly expecting. Dunno why this time I dont find Rowan Atkinson's acting hilarious than his previous TV episodes of Mr Bean.

Head to Popular Bookstore to get myself an mp3 earphone replacement as the original earphone comes with my MP3 player has become mono (means only 1 of the earbuds are working). RM21 for that.

I've been thinking treating myself with good food today, so I dare to spare a little luxurious budget to satisfy my tastebud. I wanted to eat Nando's at Petaling Street, but the restaurant was fully occupied. No prob, I try my luck at the KLCC Nando's. Unfortunately it's renovating so I can only see the sign but couldnt eat the chicken. :(
I end up eating fish 'n' chips at KLCC food court. RM15 for the meal, I like the fish fillet and the chips!

It's been quite a satisfying trip out there, thankfully nothing bad happened. No matter what wondering at places like Petaling Street still posses danger as there's anykind of people wondering there too, and might up to something sneaky then.

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