12 May 2007

Congratz for My Friends....

.... who successfully got the JPA(Public Service Dept.) scholarship to continue further studies, fully sponsored by the govt!

  • First, my classmate and one of the top student in the school, Ju Shua got the offer going to USA to study Actuarial Science!
  • Second, the professor in the school, Chun Meng will be heading to New Zealand to study Engineering. Congratz to that bookworm who share the same birthday with me lol.
  • Third, Hui Fong will be going to International Medical University at Bkt Jalil to study Medical. I guess she's going to be a pharmacist or doctor when she graduate.
  • Forth, a primary schoolmate Song Ci, who scored 13 As in SPM will fly to Canada to study Engineering. Congratz again!
  • Lastly, Jia Wen(aka white ghost) are going to Australia to study Accounting. Yeah!

    So far I only know these few who got the scholarship from my school, I believe there's still some of my friends out there who got the scholarship, just that I dont have their IC number to check for them lol.

    Once again congratulations, may you guys do well studying overboard!

  • Update: I missed one person from the list.
    Shunxing, another classmate of mine got the offer going to India to study Medicine. I heard stories of people going there study would had problem dealing with sanitation and hygiene though....

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