13 May 2007

Found my Game on the Field

I really looking forward to play this game after the last time I play with the gangs few days before leaving for NS. Today, mark the return of my legacy on the football field, heh.

Today only 7 people playing, many of the gang members are unavailable today. Anyhow we still can play a 3on3 match. The first thing I notice on the field is that one of the 2 goalpost there are torn down. I know it's rusty but I didnt expect it'll torn down like this.... oh well now we only can play on 1 side of the field. :(

It's good to be back on the field playing again, as what I promised myself I've to scored a hat-trick(3 goals) today, and yeah I did. 3 goals from right foot, not a bad result I guess, though I should try to score with left foot next time haha.

I will be looking forward for the games to come especially when some more friends are coming back from NS to join us, Tony the GK and 3T the clown. More friends playing means more fun and excitement! :D

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