08 May 2007

Back To Work

3rd day I came back to KL, and I'm start working again. This time I no longer have to deal with tuition notes, now I have to key-in receipts into the database. This isnt an easy task as you've to consider how many students the tuition center have, and each of the student are taking different packages or classes. Furthermore, the database is mess up, so while I'm inputing new datas I also have to clean up the mess too. This is not as easy as I thought, but good news is I'm getting paid more to do this.

Today bought the gift, just dunno when can hand over.
Reminder to myself, the book from Penampang and RM5 stuff.
I planned to go for a reunion on this Friday, just dunno is anyone free. That evening might have football game behind my house too, hmm....

I know there's lots of friends who'll be joining me into the college life in TARC. Really looking forward for that time, as I've been quite some time didnt meet with schoolmates again! Hahah, it'll be fun!

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