07 May 2007

The Day After Coming Back

I've to admit that since yesterday coming back from Sabah, now I'm almost forget about the lifes in the camp! The days in the camp can be good and bad, although it's fun but there's prices you've to pay for it.

Today went to the place where I used to study and work to collect my wage for March and meet with the boss. Since the boss' not around so I wonder around Carrefour finding stuffs on my shopping list. To my disappointment, I bought nothing at all because those stuffs are not available. Checked the MP3 player site, Creative's mp3 players look promising. I've a plan to do with this mp3 player soon, heh.

Lunch I'd one of my favourite food, NZ Curry House' meal. As usual, few curries mix together and throw in a nice red fried chicken, yeah one of the ultimate meal for me.

Starting from tomorrow I'll be back to work, same old time, 10am to 4pm(might extend to 5pm if needed). Haha this time I got better treatment, my hourly salary will be RM5 instead of RM4, yeah! Parents said this part-time is worth it, even if I do it 1 or 2 hours a day, I still can earn some pocket money by myself.

Today brought this computer to the technician there. Then again, this com shows the sign of ageing. It's actually a very minor prob, the RAM went loose a little making the com cant boot up. I'm glad that it's OK, if not I will have hard time to survive for quite some time.

Tomorrow gonna start working, have to settle lots of mess back here. Anyhow I'll try my best to finish up the NS blog I promised.

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