20 May 2007

Futsal at TARC

This week's weekly football game is replaced by a Friday futsal game at TARC. I'm excited because this is the 1st time the gang play on the turf and joined by other people too. We played 6-6 game, and it's actually quite fun!

My team manage to net in quite a number of goals before the opposition can do anything. Myself, scored a perfect left-foot hat-trick.

My team's 1st goal I sneak in from the center to interfere Joey's back pass to the keeper, dribbled and slot in with left foot, yeah!
My 2nd goal, a tricky left-footed flick near center that looks will go out of the line but bounce into the net because of the ball-spinning.
The hat-trick piece, another left-footed kick from the center while the keeper is being
distracted by teammates.

After all the goal actions I've decided to withdraw myself to become the keeper. Too bad the opponent, Joey manage to score for his 1st shot. Crap, this is why I complain bout the ball, either love it or hate it!

I did pay prices to play the game though. Ankle collide with another person's leg during warm-up, and the pain havent gone til now. While being the keeper, I hop into the air to grab the ball and I got my abdomen knee'd by Kam. It's been quite normal to suffer all these small injuries while having fun, but many times I've become the victim, sweat.... My last experience playing futsal at my NS camp arent that good too, being smashed the ball straight to my abdomen....

This week maybe there'll be more friends who'll join us play as the diploma courses are starting this week. Yeah! Really looking forward to play another game again!! :D

P/S: Oh well Chelsea won the FA Cup, crap. Anyhow I've to agree that Drogba's goal at the 116' minutes is great, in terms of the skills and coordination with Lampard. A smart 1-2 pass to tear off Man Utd's defense and score from the 1VS1 situation with Van Der Sar, just like how I usually did in FIFA 2005.

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