22 May 2007

2nd GP Essay

Another task given by Ms Marilyn, we're asked to search a painting from 5 famous artists and write a critical analysis on the painting, a 300 words essay.
My first attempt was rejected as too many classmates chose the same painting with mine, Salvador Dali's "Persistence of the Memory".

Persistence of Memory

Anyhow In the end I've to change the painting. Now this time I turn up to this painting called "Impressions of Africa", also painted by S. Dali. So this is the 347 words essay I've just completed.


Impressions of Africa (click for larger view)

The painting I choose to write for the critical analysis is the "Impressions of Africa", painted in year 1989 by the world-renowned Spanish painter Salvador Dali.l

The first and overall impression of this paint pictured how Africans live during the 1930s. There is no indication whether Dali himself went to Africa before and inspires him to draw this paint, or this paint is just his imagination how how the African lives.

The painter did not state the exact location of the painting taken place, but it is believed to be somewhere in the middle region of Africa, as the desert terrain is distinguished by the yellow-brownish landscape colour.

The man on the left side of the paint who are concentrating drawing on the art block resembles Dali himself while the painting the paint. The right hand gesture shows the typical style of an artist will do while trying to capture an image he or she sees. Behind the painter there is a shadow figure of someone who remains anonymous.

Near the upper-left corner shows a village of the locals but somehow part of the village looks like a donkey head. This shows a strong ties between the villagers and the donkey as donkey is used for transporting goods and farming purposes during that time.

Something interesting in the painting shows that no matter how difficult the life is, there is still have room for leisure, as expressed by the person from the far-right corner who is playing a guitar.

The other figures appear on the painting shows a person who look like struggling for life, a person handling tools and another person who only visible for his right limb and legs look like ordering people to work. In this part of the paint expresses people in Africa are living in extreme conditions. They are living in poverty possible because of the exploitations by the Western Imperialists such as the British, French and Italians in Africa. The people are forced to work as labours and slaves especially in the mining sector, because the Westerners are interested of the diamond and gold mining business.


I'm glad that I could finish this essay earlier as I've to pass up on Thursday. I did just like what the lecturer asked, do it yourself without any reference from the net, and that's how I interpret the painting.

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